Covid 19
What Can I Expect?

First port of call

  • Your first port of call will be one of our trained members of staff on reception, they will triage you, asking you questions about your problem

  • You will be sent forms via email or text including Medical History, Covid 19 screening and consent, if it is not possible to send these to you we are able to go through these questions on the phone

  • We will run through what to expect when arriving at the practice 

  • Our staff members on reception are working from home so it isn't always possible to speak to a specific person

After your appointment

  • The Dental Nurse at reception will open the door once you are finished in the surgery

  • You will be required to sign an FP17 (NHS) form and you will be asked if you pay for your treatment, you will then be required to sign this form and place the used pen in a separate pot

  • If you are required to pay we accept card (preferably contact-less) payments and correct cash in a sealed envelope with your name and DOB

  • If another appointment is required we will call you to book this in

  • The dental nurse will lead you out of the practice and open the doors for you

  • Sanitise your hands before leaving the practice

  • Once out of the practice you are able to remove your mask

Before coming to your appointment

  • You should ensure you have a mask with you and if you are exempt please bring along your exemption

  • Be aware that you will not be able to come in to the practice until your dedicated slot

  • If you are exempt from paying NHS charges, please bring proof

  • Minimum belongings allowed in the practice

  • Unless you are under 16 or require a carer please attend alone

When arriving for your appointment

  • Please knock the door of the practice on arrival a member of staff will be out to collect you

  • We will ask you to place your mask on

  • Your temperature will be taken and if above 37.8 you will be asked to go home and isolate, if below this we are able to proceed

  • You will be required to sanitise your hands with alcohol hand sanitiser

  • The nurse will lead you through to the surgery and will open all doors for you

  • Once you are in the surgery remain with your mask on and the dentist will ask you to take your mask off once ready to examine


Q- Can I still come to my dental appointment if we're on lockdown?

A- Yes, you are able to attend medical appointments

Q- How do I find out more about Covid-19?

A- All updates will be available through this link - 

Q- Am I able to bring someone to my appointment?

A- Unless you require a carer or are under 16 then unfortunately no due to risk of transmission 

Q- I have tested positive for Covid-19, do I need to inform you?

A- Yes! due to not having Track & Trace at the practice we require the patient to inform us, consent for this will be sent to you on your 'Covid Consent form'

Q- I am nervous of leaving the house but I have toothache

A- We have a very high level of cleanliness and are always taking courses on cross infection, if you speak to a member of our team we will be able to book you as a first patient of the morning so no-one has been into the practice that day