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What is Denplan Essentials?

Denplan Essentials is an easy budgeting plan that covers you for the foundations of your dental care, helping to stop problems before they start. This plan covers you for your regular check-ups and hygiene appointments.


What is included with Denplan Essentials?

  • Dental check-ups and x-rays

  • Dental hygiene visits

  • Preventive dental advice and therapy

  • Worldwide dental injury and dental emergency cover (Supplementary Insurance)

Fees for Denplan Essentials

2 x Check Ups & 2 x Hygiene Appointments - £9.99 PCM

2 x Check Up's & 4 x Hygiene Appointments - £16.50 PCM

What is Denplan Care?

​Denplan Care is a really easy way to spread the cost of all of your routine treatment into affordable monthly payments, reducing the chance of receiving unexpected dental bills.

What is included with Denplan Care?

  • Dental check-ups 

  • Dental hygiene visits 

  • Dental x-rays

  • Necessary fillings

  • Necessary extractions

  • Periodontal treatment

  • Preventive dental advice and therapy

  • Crowns, dentures and bridgework (excluding lab fees)

  • Root canal treatment 

Fees for Denplan Care

Following a check up, the dentist will band you in to a category based on dental work you already have done.

Band A - £16.70 per month

Band B - £22.90 per month

Band C - £25.49 per month

Band D - £34.50 per month

Band E - £49.99 per month


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